Who is your restaurant delivering food through?

By Isha Gupta

This article shares the reality of the food delivery industry amidst pandemic and the importance of choosing the best service for your restaurant.

There is a big difference between the economy ‘today’ and the economy ‘3 months back’. Recent social, financial as well as the market crisis has brought uncertainty, stress, and restructuring to almost every business across the globe! Restaurants are no behind. The full tables, the waiting customers at doors, and waiters rushing from table 1 to table 10 — is a scenario of the past. COVID-19 is now a new way of life as we all have heard the so-called term ‘the new normal’. Now the question is which businesses will thrive this pandemic and recession! Which businesses are still ‘waiting’ for their normal to ‘return’ and which have accepted it to adapt to it and plan to revamp their products and services, and started being part of this normal already?

Yes! It’s easier said than done. But also the businesses, companies, and organizations which will thrive this pandemic are the ones who have increased their R&D multifold, restructured their workforce, and have started to serve the demands of this ‘new’ normal!

One of such inspiring story is of the restaurant ‘Rezdôra’ in the new york city. It had been 9 months since they had opened and someone would say,’ that’s quite sad! Poor guys!’. Well not really! Within a matter of 2 months, they replaced the position of ‘waiter’ with the ‘delivery person’ and re-trained their entire workforce to serve the customers with their favorite delicacies in this new normal! It might have been less challenging for them due to small size, but every business has to think of a smart transition into the new normal to stay, survive, and thrive!

In these times, hence, both the employer as well as employee has to think of the ways they can find their customers, the channels through which they can reach them better and re-skill themselves to serve customers better.

While the come-sit-and-eat restaurant industry is seeming to be replaced by the takeaway or online-delivery one — not only the latter technology and service has to be strengthened to the utmost level but also we need to think — how the eating habits of consumers have started changing? What is the shift in their psychological mindset? What kind of delicacies do they prefer more now that they walk less, go out less and work from home? Do we need to increase healthier options on the menu? Do we need to provide meal options that are edible while working on a laptop? Should we create such ‘smart and economic package-meals’ that can serve all the people quarantined together? Packages for difference family-sizes, 3 or 4 bachelors, and single occupants.

Restaurant is a local business and people will always, no matter what, love eating food. This is the intrinsic nature of Humans that they often get bored of the same products, the same lifestyle, and the same food as well. So, given this lockdown period of quarantine, can restaurants leverage the opportunity to provide their customers with ‘amazing experiences through their delicacies’. And make them experience the adventure through the windows of their menu? Well yes!

According to finance magazine Barron’s, restaurant delivery sales are up 70 percent from where they were at the same time last year, and orders are on average 24 percent bigger than they used to be. According to finance magazine Barron’s, restaurant delivery sales are up 70 percent from where they were at the same time last year, and orders are on average 24 percent bigger than they used to be. People tend to order even more food than before as a matter of having fun now that they can’t go out much!

The million-dollar question is — Is your restaurant getting ready for that?

Before your potential customer gets addicted to the food from your competitor. Is there a dire need for you to reach out and tell them that yes we do exist and here is what exciting things we have to offer you!

There are many delivery services out there in the market — but are they there to serve the restaurants better or squeeze them harder? As middlemen, those delivery services charge fees and commissions to the restaurants they work with, sometimes as high as 30 percent in cities or states that haven’t regulated them, according to the Los Angeles Times. One especially notorious example: Chicago pizzeria owner Giuseppe Badalamenti shared his March invoice from GrubHub, and after commissions, fees, adjustments, and promotions, he was left with a mere $376.54 of his restaurant’s $1,042.63 sales.

Key objectives that we need to serve as a restaurant:

  1. Build awareness and trust in brand: Especially in the current economic and social env/times when consumers have lost faith in the hygiene and health while being exposed to anything outside.
  2. Support various lines of businesses
  3. Bringing in new customers
  4. Improve satisfaction and retention of existing customers —cross-sell to them

Budget Allocation:

  • Goals and corporate objectives
  • Growth Potential of various channels & markets
  • Past performance

Why Online Advertising can prove to be more fruitful than offline advertising:

  1. Accurate tracking of online activity gives a good sense of ROI while measuring the effectiveness of offline advertising is extremely difficult
  2. People are spending xx% more time on the internet — and going outside without an ‘essential’ task is the thing of past

Brand health metrics — consideration, positioning and awareness…


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